Blue Skies


Blue Skies


About Crazy Sock Days

The first “Crazy Sock Day” was on Oct 27th.  It was crazy sock day at school and it changed our lives forever!

My son had been experiencing random periods of nausea and vomiting for months and no one knew why.  He missed school, lost weight, stopped skateboarding and became tired and frail.

His pediatrician believed it was the stress of his father’s absence, his therapist believed there was a medical explanation, the psychiatrist prescribed Prozac, the ER doctors believed it was a gastrointestinal issue, the gastrointestinal specialist prescribed laxatives and his 3rd grade teacher reported his declining health to the school board.

It was my mom who discovered a possible explanation for his illness, CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.)  The symptoms were almost identical, random bouts of nausea, vomiting and exhaustion lasting hours or days and then periods of no issues at all.  Diagnosis was elusive and could only be done by a neurologist, but it seemed like a plausible answer.    

The first available appointment was 3 months out, October 27, 2005.  We were anxious and hopeful for a diagnosis. The feeling of helplessness during his illnesses and lack of knowing the cause was overwhelming and painful.  

Thursday, October 27th started as a happy day. There was no sign of illness, we expected answers from the neurologist and it was “crazy sock day” at school.  The day didn’t go as planned.  It ended with terrifying answers, more questions, and crazy socks.

It’s strange how an ordinary day can scar you so deeply, you never forget it.   You can never read or hear the date again without acknowledging its significance.  For our family, that day was October 27th, “crazy sock day,” the day the innocent veil of the unknown lifted and Childhood Cancer was introduced into our vocabulary. 

This blog is a mom’s journal of Love, Sorrow and Crazy Socks.


As I pass by

I glance at the bird’s flight

The planes overlapped with clouds

I imagine that’s me overlapped

Me taking flight

Me with running propellers

Possession of wings

Me among the tiny gliders

My imagination flows among the

Blue Skies

-TJ Miller (10 yrs old)


“You were my greatest love. Today you are my greatest sorrow

-Queen Hippolyta